• We adopted this sweet girl a few weeks ago….they said she was a hound/collie mix...but she doesn't bark. The first night she cried like a baby...wailed...it was so freaky and ever since we've been trying to figure out what she might really be. My mother suggested that maybe she's at least part basenji...what do you think? She's lost most of the fuzzy hair and most of the little black hairs are gone too...shes mostly just the red and white with the one spot on her tail...which is not curly.


  • Should mention that she is 15 weeks old…most of the baby hair is gone the past few days and her coat is now feeling soft, yet very smooth and short

  • I don't really see the Basenji but she is 100% adorable!!!!

  • I see basenji in the ears and the face. She looks a lot like our boy did a couple months ago.

  • I have a basenji/sheltie mix who is fuzzier than a full basenji, and her color is like Gypsy's. I see basenji in Gypsy's eyes and think it's quite possible she's got it in there.

  • That third picture is poster material!

  • Well gypsy has grown a lot…her tail is curling in C shape and her ears are standing fully upright most of the time now. She cracks me up as she has developed her own kind of bark, but prefers not to make much noise at all. Not to say she's not a hyper mess haha. She's 4 months old now and tipped the scale at 13.8 lbs this a.m.....she's gained 7 lbs in just a month. The poor girl was so under nourished when we got her. She's looking so good now! Still has a very annoying cough though, which is why she was at vet again. She's back on an antibiotic and cough meds. Vet said he's seen a lot of dogs lately with bronchitis!

  • You will have to post another picture of her as she gets older! I determine Basenji in mixes by their walking and/or running style. She looks like a B/Terrier mix.


  • In my opinion she could well have some Basenji in her but as Jennifer says we really need to see the way she moves.

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