• Hello Basenji Dog Lovers! I'm new to this forum and just adopted our little Loki about 3 weeks ago. He was listed as a 'basenji mix' at the shelter and I'm curious what people think is his breed mix?

    He has a lot of the physical and personality traits of a basenji, but doesn't have the white markings or the prominent curly tail (although it does curl, it just doesn't stay curled).

    We will be getting a DNA test so no need to tell me that would be most helpful. I just thought it would be fun to hear from other basenji enthusiasts 🙂 Thanks everyone!

    0_1523132259322_Loki 1.png
    0_1523132320691_Loki 2.png
    0_1523132418241_Loki face.png
    0_1523132427360_Loki side view.png

  • Tell us about the personality

  • @2baroos Loki has a lot of cat-like mannerisms, he is always licking and cleaning himself and rubs his body against the couch like a cat would do. He's highly alert, and takes notice of the smallest sounds. On walks he sniffs everything, tries to chase squirrels up trees, and thinks cars are animals too! He does the double gallop when he runs. He rarely barks, but when he does its something between a 'woof' and deep growl. He also makes this whining noise when he wants attention.

  • If he is part Basenji breed, i would tink it would be only 10%.
    In Hawaii we call such a dog "poi dog" mix breed of sorts..

  • Head and wrinkle look right, dont worryabout tail i have seen purebred with tails like that. Feet no so much, basenji feet are very tight, his color could be there are some very dark brindles out there. Ears appropriatly large but do mot seem to be hooded. Regardless, he is as cute as a button. Get him tested and let us all know

  • Personality fit, but yeah that DNA will give a better idea.... he could be half, 75 percent, none. It is so hard to tell with a mix. Some breeds have really dominant genes and you'll find most Chows absolutely look CHOW... even when bred with basset hounds or german shephers, Really interested in the results.

  • His mannerisms are very 'Basenji' and it is possible he is a mix. However, in my opinion, he's not - no matter he is lovely whatever breeds he incorporates and I'm sure he will give you much joy and love.

  • Omg, I think I have you darling's sister 😅



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