I have a Basenji mix, Jersey. Does anyone know what she could be mixed with?

I've had this dog for a few years now (got her from a rescue shelter), and just recently concluded she must be a Basenji mix. Her behaviour matches most of the traits of the breed, as well as her physical features. She's a sweet, energetic, escape-artist pup.

Any ideas what other breeds might be in her?


She is cute, but I really don't see Basenji? I would think a shepard mix

how much does she weigh? how tall? she looks enormous for a basenji (from the pics), but she is beautiful. such pretty eyes!

Such a pretty girl and her eyes are so expressive. I'm not too sure about the Basenji either but she's still your beautiful girl

Welcome to the Forum.

Welcome to the forum! Not sure if I see basenji in Jersey, but she is a charming lady!

Really pretty kind of looks like shibu in one picture but she is to big for just being shiba.

Rita Jean

She is very pretty girl and honestly the first breeds I thought of were Thai Ridgeback (i don't know if they have a ridgeless variety) or Telomian or Jino or Carolina dog. She definately has that primative breed look about her.

Thanks for the replies, though I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit disappointed. I've been searching for answers about her breed and thought I'd found one when I discovered Basenji dogs.

She is definitely big for a Basenji–about 50 lbs--but I just assumed the other breeds in her would account for that.

Her wrinkly forehead and huge ears are what convinced me of the Basenji...

These photos (found through a google search for "basenji mix") in particular had me convinced:

(Second from the right could be her twin!)

As well as the information on this website:

http://basenji.20m.com/ReasonsNottoGet.htm Yes, it is a list of reasons not to get a Basenji, but it is also a list of issues we have with Jersey! Haha.

I've thought of Shiba Inu as well as Rhodesian Ridgeback, though I hadn't heard of this other Ridgeback type. The vet calls her a dingo as a joke… haha.

I guess I'll just have to settle for "mutt." Thanks a lot for everyone's input! 🙂

'Mutt' is a wonderful breed! Jersey is very pretty but I don't see anything distinctly basenji except maybe her posture and shape in the photo with the black dog. But who knows? You can try the DNA test, not 100% accurate but could give you some clues. At any rate, she is a very pretty girl!

She is a beautiful Heinz dog!!

(You know… 57 Varieties...)

I could see a B in her face. I agree with the shepard cross. 🙂

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