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Hello All,

Our dog has has some dandruff on and off since we adopted him but today I noticed a more prominent section of white flakes on the back of his neck that looked different than his normal dandruff. Has anyone experienced this before? I've attached a photo for reference. We will of course take him to the vet if it continues or gets worse, just wondering if it's something normal. I also am highly allergic to pet dander and have had no symptoms with him but had an outbreak right after I noticed the white stuff. Not sure if there's a connection.

On a similar note, how often do you take your basenji to the groomer? When we first got him he barely shed and it's been about a month and he's been shedding a lot more the past few days. Thanks in advance for anyone's thoughts or input!

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@2baroos Loki has a lot of cat-like mannerisms, he is always licking and cleaning himself and rubs his body against the couch like a cat would do. He's highly alert, and takes notice of the smallest sounds. On walks he sniffs everything, tries to chase squirrels up trees, and thinks cars are animals too! He does the double gallop when he runs. He rarely barks, but when he does its something between a 'woof' and deep growl. He also makes this whining noise when he wants attention.

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Hello Basenji Dog Lovers! I'm new to this forum and just adopted our little Loki about 3 weeks ago. He was listed as a 'basenji mix' at the shelter and I'm curious what people think is his breed mix?

He has a lot of the physical and personality traits of a basenji, but doesn't have the white markings or the prominent curly tail (although it does curl, it just doesn't stay curled).

We will be getting a DNA test so no need to tell me that would be most helpful. I just thought it would be fun to hear from other basenji enthusiasts 🙂 Thanks everyone!

0_1523132259322_Loki 1.png
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