Our little keeper …

Lukuru Constellation Libra - our little Libby. Picture taken about 2 hours ago in the last rays of today's sunlight as another storm approaches.

So pretty, great wrinkles!


She is adorable…That pictures says it all..an african queen, looking for some sun.. 🙂

Lovely…she will be a great asset to the b's of the future.

Still has those gorgeous wrinkles!

Love her!!!!

Very pretty, Dr Jo. Can't wait to see her in person.

Thank you all for your kind comments.
I forgot to give credit to her mom (Lukuru na Liboso Mopaya) and her dad (Lukuru Amisi) who are both native imported foundation stock. So, Libby is 100% Congolese!

Dr. Jo, she is absolutely stunning! What a lovely little girl d'Afrique

Gotta love those wrinkles! What a lovely girl:)

So cute,, and incredible wrinkles!!!!

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