• Manah's grandmother spoiled her with lots of doggie toys. Let's see how long they stay intact!

  • Looks like Manah got some great toys. Buddy would destroy those quite quickly. I'm going to take pics of the toys before he get's them so I can see what it was before he got it.

  • Manah looks very pleased with her Christmas stash

  • Nice toy's looks like lots of fun.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    Manah scored bigtime, she must have been a really good girl this year..
    All of our toys died already..bad, white filling all over the house, I am finding it in spots I didn't even think the dogs visited..

  • I think Manah is chewing the bone so she can keep the toys in shape for when her little sissy comes this winter.

    Manah certainly must have been better than Charlie and Preston, because they only got a short bully stick!! Perhaps Santa saw the two baskets of toys and said he'd share them with the homeless doggies instead!! :D:eek:

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