A little story

Of a Basenji and his brother…

There is mommy, she wants to take pictures of us ALL the time..
If you don't do something about it, you will be crazy!😕

You have to hide, just hold on to me and hide you head..:rolleyes:

She won't leave, just look away! I will look at her for some time then she will leave I think…

It doesn't work!:mad: You try it this time!

It doesn't work big brother:(, let her take some pictures… I reallly love you SO much... and that's more important then some pictures...🆒

Thats true little brother.. and besides now we can show the whole world our love 😃

Great! They are too cute together :D.

Aww those pics are too cute:D

Realy beautiful pictures Kim

Your boys are amazing…all 3 of them.

This should be shown to anyone who even thinks of getting rid of their dog because a baby is on the way. These pictures are all about true love and respect - simply wonderful pictures.

What a lovely example of a Basenji with a baby. Lovely pictores.

Those pictures with your captions were sooooo cute and funny!

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