A little bit of Thabo

As Zuri had her portraits in her birthday-thread, Thabo need some, too (or I do :rolleyes: )
Didn't take pics of him for a longer time - so here are some more of todays morning 😃

Finally fall asleep :o

My little yellow-eye kiss
Will turn one year old in december…

Lovely pics Dani, Thabo has the most gorgeous eyes and i love his blaze

Thabo is so handsome yes I am with you Shelly gorgeous eyes. Thank you for sharing.

Rita Jean

Beautiful pictures. Very Very handsome. thanks for sharing.


Beautiful brindle..I am a sucker for them boys..

Great pics of Tabo.. and I sure think you should post a lot more pics of him.. he is VERY handsome….. He has a beautiful expression!

Basenji Mix

I just love Thabo's brindle coat and golden eyes…He's gorgeous and wish he was mine! 😉
Thanks for sharing. 🙂

Das ist ein sehr schoner hund!

You are so nice! 😃
Thank you - I will tell him 😉 Or better not… Basenji-ego :rolleyes:

He is a truly beautiful dog - love those eyes, so expressive!

What a beautiful boy!

Thabo is a very, very handsome boy!

He is beautiful makes me want a brindle. The pictures are so clear I can almost feal that sleek coat.

Thank you! 🙂


The pictures are so clear I can almost feal that sleek coat.

I feel it at the moment 😉 My little boy - wants to snuggle all day long :o
And thanks for the picture-compliment! Always trying to improve myself 😃

Beautiful pics. He is a model, isnt he? 😃

Not a professional one - with falling asleep while doing his job 😃 Did I bore him? :eek: :rolleyes:

Beautiful pics of Thabo!

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