• Meet our 15 week old Vino! He's an amazing lil' pup…we got him a little after 8 weeks old and he's just been absolutely fantastic. Our breeder was amazing; we met both his parents when we picked him out (at a mere 5 weeks old....he was such a little squirt!). We're so happy with him, we're already considering getting him a little sister next breeding season 🙂

  • He's a cutie… even when he's upside down and sideways 🙂

    They are absolutely fun; and I know what you mean about getting a second. I wanted a second about a week or two after I had gotten Beo. I'm glad I waited until he was a bit older (over 2 now). Two Bs look extremely fun though; I don't blame you for wanting another.

  • He is a Cutie pie, I also would love a second B but am a bit scared as Kaiser is too good and I know how crazy the house would get with 2 and don't know if I'm insane enough yet.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • goodness, we all need a little vino. 🙂
    congrats on the new baby

  • Cute puppy, many of us are related by our Basenjis…. what is his breeding?

  • What a cute little guy! I find 2 is easier than 1, they entertain each other, but when one gets into mischief so does the other lol. I found house training much easier with the second one as our boy taught his little sister and also tattled on her when she did have an accident ( he would come and get me and take me right to it lol), ours are a year apart and it works great

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