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@tanza every brindle basenji I’ve seen including the one I bought was cheaper then all the other colors. Mine was 500 along with all the others I saw online. I was also told by the training company we went to who have been training dogs for 50+ years that brindles are harder to train because their color comes from their dna. I didn’t know that I was told that by a professional.

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Anyone in the northern Virginia area that would like to meet up?

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Not sure how true this is. But I believe brindle basenjis are typically less money for some reason. I got mine for 500 and have seen other brindles online for the same price. Apparently there harder to train but ours is still hardly trained and not neutered but is a sweetheart and very good dog. They also look more exotic then the typical basenji. People always think my dog is a dingo or a fox gets lots of looks everywhere we go.

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Anyone know where I can find a female basenji. I’ve already checked BRAT no help I sent in a adoption form. They’ve sent me 5 emails with nothing regarding a dog to adopt so I’m getting fed up. I already have a male basenji that we want to find a friend for him.

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anyone in the leesburg area want to meet up at a local dog park?