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@bigv so u think I let him attack whoever he wants? Just false. As soon as I see any sign of aggression I take him away. He knows very well who the boss is. He knows over 30 commands and will never show any aggression to me or any other person. He plays with 9/10 dogs fine with no problems. Other dogs are usually the ones snapping at him because he’s too fast for them. Like I said it’s only intact dogs which are pretty rare. I agree the muzzle might work but I’m not going to walk him with a muzzle on when he only sees an intact dog once in a blue moon and every other dog he’s 100% fine with. It’s just an annoying problem because I don’t know whose intact and whose not so I don’t know if he will like the dog or attack it until I get closer.

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@senjisilly yes he’s our first basenji. We’ve been seeing some progress. Our neighbors have 2 huskies that’s he’s always hated and he’s finally playing with them. But I still have to ask if every dog is neutered Incase.

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Ive been encountering the same thing with my 1 year old who is not neutered. I live in northern Virginia Leesburg if you’d like to meet and maybe solve both our issues. My dog only attacks intact dogs because he is also intact and it makes his hormones crazy. He also croutches down. Getting a dog neutered can cause hormone imbalances and basenjis like inserting there Dominance so he may still do it even though he’s neautered. I’ve been trying multiple methods to make him stop this but mine still attacks some dogs even though this husky that he’s hated for months he’s finally played with yesterday so were seeing some progress. Basically try to to draw his attention away from the dog he’s stalking. With treats or holding him and petting him. If the other owner is nice enough you can hold your dog back tight when introducing and pet the other dog ALOT to show your dog he’s friendly.

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@bigv no like I’m actually sure it’s only to intact dogs. I’ve been taking him to the dog park religiously sense he was 4 months every day. And he had no problems. Just a couple months before he turned a year and still now (he’s just turned 1 in October.) he only attacks intact dogs. It has nothing to do with not being socialized he will play with 10 dogs at a time and the second an intact dog comes in he goes after it and growls non stop. I’ve had many dogs one still alive at 16 years old. All have never been neatured and have never had this problem.

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@drew82 you should give about 1 cup for every 10 pounds a dog weighs. My male is a little over a year and is 26 pounds. I give half a cup in the morning half a cup mid afternoon and a full cup at dinner. Along with the wet food or meat and snacks throughout the day. You would want to give 1 1/2 cups through out the day and increase as your dogs weight increases. Females typically will weigh a little less then males but usually only a couple pounds

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  • [ ] My dog is very friendly loves playing 24/7 with people or dogs but for some reason once in a blue moon he turns very aggressive towards other dogs. And it’s always the same dogs. There’s a dog that lives in our building and without hesitation he always growls at it and his back hairs go up. He’s done it to a couple dogs before but only a certain couple for some reason. He was in a dog park with over 10 dogs and tried to attack the same German Shepard over and over. I used to think it was because he didn’t like bigger dogs that would dominate him but now I’m starting to think he’s doing it to non neutered dogs and he is also not neutered. How can I fix this behavior. Because he can be in a dog park for an hour playing wonderfully and then a dog he does not like (or maybe is not neutered) will walk in and he is in attack mode. He never actually bites he’s a little punk but he growls and lunges a lot. Im not sure if it’s because of the other dogs not being neutered but today there was one dog intact and a girl dog and he was fine with the girl and aggressive with the boy. And that got me thinking that all the dogs he’s been aggressive with have been boys to my knowledge. How do I stop this I feel like I have to be on lookout now if a dog is neutered or not
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@tanza every brindle basenji I’ve seen including the one I bought was cheaper then all the other colors. Mine was 500 along with all the others I saw online. I was also told by the training company we went to who have been training dogs for 50+ years that brindles are harder to train because their color comes from their dna. I didn’t know that I was told that by a professional.

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Anyone in the northern Virginia area that would like to meet up?

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