Meet Malu

I just picked up my puppy Malu yesterday. He was bred by Jean Martin of Hounds of Timar and Kyle Cabral of Kaleonahe Basenjis. It was a surprise because I wasn't expecting to get him until next week but plans changed last minute, I can't same I'm upset about it ;)!

He is a few days shy of 10 weeks old. He has been great so far, although he is still a little shy in his new home. Whenever something/someone spooks him he hides underneath the coffee table! I will post some pictures and keep updating as things develop. He came out of his shell a little tonight. He actually was playing "fetch" with me with a small tennis ball.

(As some of you might notice, he does have a scratch on his left ear, being a litter of all six boys, they played pretty rough)

What a sweetie! Congratulations!


Oh how adorable, congratulations…how exciting.

what cute, wrinkly baby!

I love love love the expressive face and those wrinkles. Congrats on the new baby!

He's cute even with the ouchie on his ear!

Congratulationa on your new Pup, Malu.
What does his name mean ?

Malu is such a sweetheart! 🙂 Adorable face! Have you smelled his corn chip (Fritos) feet yet? Caught a whiff of lovely puppy breath? Oh, the joys of a puppy!

@Thunderbird. I believe Malu mean's "Peace/Peaceful" in Hawaiian (according ot internet dictionaries). I'll have to confirm with Kyle at Kaleonahe, the owner of the sire, he is Hawaiian. I also borrowed a little inspiration from my favorite football player, Troy Polamalu, of the Pittsburgh steelers. He is Samoan however, and I beleive Malu has a different meaning in that language.

What a beautiful face! Congrats!:D

He is very handsome - I'm sure he'll give you a lot of pleasure.

He is darling, congratulations!

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