• On this past Friday, I got to take this little guy home with me! He's just over 2 and came from a local shelter that brought him up from another shelter in Puerto Rico that was at max capacity. They apparently found him on the street after Irma. I haven't had a DNA test done yet, but i'm very curious as to what he is mixed with. He seems to stand a little shorter than a purebred Basenji. What do you guys think?

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  • Look like he's mixed with a very short legged dog breed.

  • He looks like a handful! But very sweet and fun.

    I would guess there is some Chihuahua and a short legged breed, but guessing is notoriously inaccurate. Doesn't exactly matter, and it's fun to speculate. If you really want to know a DNA test would be the best route.


  • Rambo has a long back and short legs, but appears to have many basenji features too (the head, ears, tail, coat, color/markings). He's a cutie and looks smart. Please be careful not to let him get loose in an unfenced area, ever. Basenji are sight hounds (as well as scent hounds) and many meet their early demise to vehicles. Rambo is too cute to have that happen - please keep him safe.
    Do you take him to bars often? (smile - no need to answer that question)

  • Cute pup with something else besides Basenji.
    I hope he is wonderful and thanks for adopting him!

  • @pawla I did lots of reading up on basenjis prior to adopting him, so I am aware of the high prey drive and their tendency to chase other smaller animals. I'll definitely be sure to keep him on a leash and safe from cars. He does seem very smart and catches on quickly to the rules of the house, which is nice. He has become very attached after only a few days so i'm sure he will be very happy! As for taking him to bars, lol, I took him to a "Rescue Dog Block Party" that was being held downtown which was great for him to socialize with other pups.

  • @mcolombo1220 it sounds like Rambo got lucky to be adopted by a responsible (and educated) person. I hope you enjoy him for many, many years to come.

  • Did you check for connected toes?

    Also, I would like to know a reputable dog DNA company who includes Basenji in their database.

  • @doggonecrazy I did not, are connected toes a basenji trait? And yes I would also be interested in finding an accurate and reputable DNA test for him but it is fun to speculate in the meantime.

  • @doggonecrazy said in Meet Rambo!:

    Did you check for connected toes?

    Also, I would like to know a reputable dog DNA company who includes Basenji in their database.

    Typically, the more dogs in their testing, the more accurate. Thus far, Mars Wisdom Panel 3 has the largest group, including basenji and coyote and breeds most the others don't, making it the most affordable and most accurate UNLESS you want to pay out $200. In which case the newer Embark seems truly spectacular. Whatever you use, make sure they have basenji in their data bank. Most don't.




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