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I haven't posted on here in a while so I figured it was time for some photo updates! Still unsure of what he's mixed with, but I've been stopped numerous times while walking him to be asked if he is a Basenji, which i'm confident is his primary breed. As for his age, the shelter estimated a little over 2 years old when I got him back in July of 2018. He seems to have grown since then, though, which makes me think he is younger than that, but who knows! He's a great pup and loves his new home.

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@doggonecrazy I did not, are connected toes a basenji trait? And yes I would also be interested in finding an accurate and reputable DNA test for him but it is fun to speculate in the meantime.

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@pawla I did lots of reading up on basenjis prior to adopting him, so I am aware of the high prey drive and their tendency to chase other smaller animals. I'll definitely be sure to keep him on a leash and safe from cars. He does seem very smart and catches on quickly to the rules of the house, which is nice. He has become very attached after only a few days so i'm sure he will be very happy! As for taking him to bars, lol, I took him to a "Rescue Dog Block Party" that was being held downtown which was great for him to socialize with other pups.

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On this past Friday, I got to take this little guy home with me! He's just over 2 and came from a local shelter that brought him up from another shelter in Puerto Rico that was at max capacity. They apparently found him on the street after Irma. I haven't had a DNA test done yet, but i'm very curious as to what he is mixed with. He seems to stand a little shorter than a purebred Basenji. What do you guys think?

0_1532365890975_IMG_9005.JPG 0_1532365893702_IMG_8933.JPG 0_1532365912074_IMG_8921.jpg

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