• Houston

    ..and boy do they dive for it..
    Pippin loves the sunshine just as much as any basenji..but at our house he has to compete for the sunspot with our Schnauzer/yorkie girl, Luna…she enjoys it just as much....."if I stretch my neck I can get some sun on my head too"...

    ..oh how I love this sunny spot on the floor..

    Moses doesn't care about sunny weather..he even wants to go outside today…28 degrees, freezing rain...look at him long to go out and play..

    this past weekend we had nicer, sunnier weather so we went out to get some work done….
    Pippin saw it fit to help out stacking the firewood..

    He also got to see the hens and rooster up close…too close come to find out as he almost got one of them..hehe.

    He also saw Moses break into the trashcan in the kitchen, so he gave it a go as well….:)

    ..and "the kids get their treats from in here..so I will try it too", the pantry raids are starting..

    Enjoy..on this dreary day from us Houston…

  • basenjis are just sooooo helpful.

    love the "droopy drawers" (aka saggy butt) on baby b's.

  • Just adorable… 🙂

  • How fast they learn the bad habits of the others in the household haha!

  • very cute, wrinkles on both ends.

  • Houston

    I know I love the wrinkes too…on face and on butt..too cute...you know, I don't remember Otis having those butt wrinkles, maybe because he was a little older by the time we got him, or maybe because he was brindle they didn't show up very well...either way..adorable..

  • yes, the wrinkly butt is super cute. funny how that's cute on puppies and not ppl!

  • Great photos!:) I really do love his name tag!

  • Houston


    Great photos!:) I really do love his name tag!

    I know, I do too…found it on etsy...

  • Pippin is soooo cute!!

  • Houston

    Thank you Kim

  • Beautiful pictures - we always joke that the puppies are going to lose their skin when it wrinkles like that when they sytand on their hind feet.

  • @tlish:

    yes, the wrinkly butt is super cute. Funny how that's cute on puppies and not ppl!

    lol lol lol… 🙂

    Those are great pictures. What a gorgeous head he has. And I am a big fan of basenji wrinkles too! Kipawa has his face ones and still has his butt ones, but as he grows fuller, I think those butt ones might disappear.

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