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Karen, mom to the monkey crew & Pack Leader!

Little Mary Sunshine (Piglet)~ 2.5 old Basenji X lab (Rescued)

Kiana Indigo~ 2.5 old Yellow lab

Daisy DoBug~ 5yo Rescued Yellow lab

Bella Mia~5 year old Black lab ~Rainbow bridge

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Our Piglet is a Lab X B mix. Have you thought of anything like that? She is the best of both. B enough to be quirky & lab enough to be chilled out. Just a thought, we rescued her. She brings a smile to us every day with her silly antics! She's about 32 pounds all muscle.

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We have a Bmix & 2 labradors & also find time to foster here & there. We have several kinds of harnesses that we have collected & have found the 3 & 1 vest harness, to be the best & EASIEST to use! I origionally got it for Piglet, our bmix who had never had a collar on or been leash walked. The stationary part around her neck in the "small" (she was still young) has some elastic so she wasnt choking herself till she learned to walk in it & on a leash. They are all easily adjustable. They do tend to run a little big, so if in doubt, go the next size smaller. πŸ˜‰ They have a regular lined chest & a mesh chest which I like for the summer! The seat belt can go through the "handle" on the back.

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What cutie pies!!!!!!

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Sure looks like she is having FUN!!!!!!

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Welcome to the forum! I have a little B X Lab mix. She is all B except for her mid way floppy ears & her labby love of water! We fell in love with all her quirky littly ways. This is a great group with a lot of info! πŸ™‚

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Our girls love cardboard! What is funny is to watch one of our labs root through the cardboard recycle box for just the "right" piece to give to her sisters! :p Then they all enjoy shredding it, playing tug along the way!

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These are by the Busy Buddy folks. My girls LOVE them! They are great since you can stuff dry treats in them. Mary loves her football & you show her one of these & she is off to her crate! She chews on them even without a treat in it! πŸ˜‰ They like them cuse they are easy to hold with their paws, being the football shape! Even my big girls love them! They will fetch them on command! The pups are still learning. We have found the medium size the best, all around size for all our girls. πŸ˜‰

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My little girl gets picky sometimes. I just cut her food back a little. That seems to help. She eats at least once a day when she gets that way, so I don't worry too much. I am not used to having a smaller dog with having labradors, so this, little dog stuff is kinda new BUT the pickyness is a universal thing. I see it with my labs sometimes. One thing that is almost ALWAYS a sure thing with them eating…..sardines. :eek: With labs, we use them to keep the natural oils up in their coats. They are the highest form in omega 3's. Be sure if you use them, you get the ones in SPRING WATER, the ones in oil can actually cause them to have itchy fur (soybean oil). I use one can
$.50 @ wally world & split it between my 4 girls/twice a week or so. I just put them on top of their regular kibble with a litle water & stir. Mary gets about 1/2 a big fat sardine. There are no crumbs left on sadine night! πŸ˜ƒ She also loves apples, bananas, baby carrots, peanutbutter :p , pears, & cheese once in a while. All things my other girls can have too. I must say, peanut butter, apples & bananas are daily favorites! πŸ˜ƒ

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Sandy is cute as could be! I love her perky ears. Sorry to hear about the loss of your big fella. 😞 We lost our 2 1/2 year old baby lab to a blood clot following a surgery several months ago. After her loss we brought Kiana into our family & then we decided to KEEP little Mary also. Needless to say, we have put off fostering for a while. :p Here is a group shot of all our girls, Mia & Mary have the same Tweener ears! πŸ˜‰

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Mary just is 7 months old. She spent her first three months of life at the kennel. The only human contact they would get was a few hours on Saturday, when the volunteers would take them to a local pet store in a attempt to get them adopted. When I was getting ready to place another foster lab from the same place in its forever home, Mary was STILL there. So TINY, she had been there so long in her short life! I couldn't walk past her & the boys any longer. I told the head of the rescue I work with Willow is leaving Sunday & I am going to pick Mary up Saturday afternoon. She had NEVER had a collar on or been walked on a leash, EVER! We still CAN"T believe what a LOVE BUG Mary is for the lack of she had in her start! That's NOT the case NOW!! πŸ˜ƒ Marys ears have NEVER stood up all the way but her right ear seems like it is kinda trying to a little more. She is a Tweener, her ears don't lay flat like a lab & they dont stand up all the way like a Basenji. :p Her toes are webbed & she LOVES the swimming pool & she is solid black,(except for the little spot on her chest) thats about all the lab that we can find in her except her HEART. πŸ˜‰ She THINKS she is as big as the other girls!

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