Little Mary Sunshine

This is my Little Mary Sunshine. She was supposed to be our foster but we soon fell in love with her! She is Basenji X Lab mix but appears to be mostly Basenji. She is very quirky & very different from our other girls but SWEET as a button! We love her to death! 😃 She is about 6 months old & weighs about 28 pounds. We have a LOT to learn about the breed! 😉

OMG! So cute!!! Welcome…

Welcome to the forum. She is so adorable. Thanks for sharing the pics.

Somehow I missed this…but she is really, REALLY cute! Welcome!

she looks just like my sami(female) except sami has a white chest. I got her at the shelter! Tell me more about her behaviors!!:)

omg she is the most adorable puppy ever we have to breed labs with basenji's more often because this is one GREAT mix

Welcome!…thanks for the rescue work

She is too cute!!!!!!!!!!! Great rescue work, keep it up.

Hello - I haven't been on the site for a while but want to tell you your little girl looks just like our Sophie - also a Lab/Basenji (we think - no way to prove it because she's a resuce). After MONTHS of trainers & weekly dog school, I can finally take her for a walk - she has a terrible prey drive & it's been a very long introcution. GOOD LUCK - very cute little girl.

jkhandjls & SOPHIE LOUISE

She is absolutely adorable!!! 🙂 Welcome to the forum!

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