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Jennifer Butler

BRAT Mix Coordinator & State Screener for CT and MD

Woodsville, NH

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OMG!! Rolly Polly Puppies!!! Hahahahaa….I just wanna nibble their tummies!!! Thanks for the share!!

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I too have a capped tri (or we know for sure her mother is and she is starting to get her cap) Keiki's coloring is so different that people think that she is not a purebred….many of you know how much ca-ca I have gotten about this....Keiki is a BRAT rescue as well....she is now one year old...or she will be in a week!!! I dunno if the attachment stuck and if it didnt, you can see her at


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Any suggestions on how I can get Cali to calm down around Lady since she will be our house guest for a while? My brother constantly tells me I need to get Cali under better control and that she is spoiled rotten.

I would try taking her for a long walk. When Keiki gets crazy and is full of energy I take her for a walk with new smells. It onlytakes about a 30 minute walk and when we get back all she wants to do is sleep.

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Keiki will go completely bizerk!! She will jump on the bed and put her hackles up…jump off the bed and run as fast as she can around and under the bed...and then back up on the bed and she will grrrrrrr and then she will jump up and down like she is on a trampoline....
Then she wont let her Daddy Robert into bed at all and when he tries...she jumps on him LOL

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I don't know this breed very well, yet - because Duke is my first who is 7 almost 8 mos. old. I heard he's entering his "teenage years" for a dog at this age. Is that what Keiki is having when she is "terrorizing"? What does she do? What must Duke have in store for us? Do you know how long the teenage years will last? He's just gotten to be so good for us since his early puppy months. (I'm scared again! <gg>)</gg>

Well lets see…from what I was told...Basenjis act like puppies for about 2-3 years. Keiki will run like mad (Basenji 500) thru the house. Then she jumps on the couch and tries to dig her way to China...then she chases the cats who in turn chase her back. She is right up in your face if you are eating something she wants (not at the table tho, only when we are on the couch). Keiki will stalk you when you walk thru the door and if you are sitting on the couch, she will jump on the back behind you and try and play the bongos on your head. She wakes you up in the morning by jumpin on your chest like you are a trampoline and then bats you in the forehead with her paws.
All in all tho she is a good girl and minds very well:rolleyes:

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Uhhh yeah…she is innocent in her eyes...and she is adorable ALL the time!! BUT...she is a terror....
That pic was taken right after we got her at the age of 3 months. She is now full grown at 9 months old and I swear she is getting more and more mischevious!!!!

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This is Keiki…in all her glory!!!


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My b's favorite snack is caramel. If you have a caramel in your hand she will hunt you down and try and take it!!!

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Hello, my name is Jennifer and I am new here. I got an email and seeing that I love forums and I love basenjis…this is the place for me!!! I am in New Hampshire where basenjis are hardley seen let alone heard thanks for the join!!!:p

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