Miles: A Rescue

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture! Not only are you and your Basenjis stunningly beautiful, but Uga in his "spirit wear" brought a tear to my eye. I owned an Uga offspring. He was the most loving and adorable dog ever. He's since passed to the rainbow bridge many years ago, but I still miss him. That's where my "snorky" name comes from….it's the sound he made when he walked, ate, slept, etc...... Love those Bulldogs:D

Oh… the bulldog's getting a costume this Halloween. Just wait... I already bought him a pet costume from ebay. Yesss... 😉 hehehehe... He's going to have a witch hat and a cape!! No telling what the kids will be this year... We're still enjoying the pics from Halloweens from previous years... Behold:

Thanks for all the sweet comments. With regard to the UGA Bulldog, he's from Lowe's in Athens. They come with red sweaters painted on them. My husband embellished him by painting the Georiga "G" on the chest. 🙂 Uga is the best mascot around. Hands down. Unless someone out there has a Basenji mascot…

The fall picture is great and they are so pretty. Halloween pictures are super they look so cute all dressed up. Thanks you for sharing put a light in my day been gray and rain here all day.

Rita Jean


I love the mummy and egyptian one, did they eat any of the paper..shoot I like the bee one too. Great costumes, great looking dogs.

Lexi is actually wrapped in small strips of white sheets, not toilet paper…haha... She didn't want to cooperate with the photo shoot though because it was cutting into her nap time! Miles was pretty good with his headpiece we made for him. And he didn't mind his wrist bands either. Too bad it got wet and ruined in the pet parade that year (we raised money for homeless dogs). I think Miles should be a hot dog this year. hahaha... except there's probably no bun that is big enough to fit around him.

Not to sure about the hot dog but does sound cute. My daughter just looked at Halloween pictures and fell in love with both of them. I can see using white sheets and not toilet paper.

Rita Jean

It's been a while- we've been so busy since we've moved. Anyway– Here are some recent pics... Enjoy! 🙂

Lexi uses three pillows to make herself a nest. 🙂

Miles just wads up the blankets. 😉 Right in the middle of our king size bed.

Miles loves the fireplace in the new house.

Where else is there to be on a cold day??

Lexi watches the first snowfall of the season; the first in the new house.

Neighborhood watch.

Lexi's Christmas Tree photo shoot. No lie, she jumped on the chair on her own and begged me to take pics of her. 😉 She is my little basenji supermodel! lol

And Miles in the snow.

Ahhhh, Christmas!! 🙂

what FANTASTIC pictures. Merry Christmas!

What a Hammy-Miami! Beautiful dogs and great pic's.

Pictures of the two are really nice but the last one has my heart. Love the snow picture. Thank you for sharing.

Rita Jean

A 2 year-old thread….Miles has certainly come to his "forever" home! Great photos! Thanks!

First Basenji's

I will never tire of your pictures! Beautiful kidz and a mom with a good eye! Have a wonderful holiday season!

Hahha… thanks guys! Miles has certainly found his forever home-- although I really wish he'd quit sneaking into the closet and laundry basket-diving! Ugh!! And he always eats my socks. He runs incessantly in circles when he's not into something and he farts on us when he's mad. I swear he's a skunk sometimes!! 😉 But despite all his "bad" habits, I still adore that little Ham!! 🙂 And then there's Lexi who is a perfect angel-- and usually tells on him when he's doing something bad- like raiding the trash!! So funny!


Beautiful pictures. They are all great, but the last one is a christmas card in the making…wow
I love reading about Miles and Lexi.
Ps your new home is gorgeous..

Lovely home you have. Lucky b's.

Lovely pics of Miles and Lexi and your lovely new home.

Couldn't resist posting a few more…

Miles on the ride home from Thanksgiving. It took 11 hours. 😞

Do you see what I see??? Do you see what I see?? A Jam! A Jam! Peeking from behind…

I found Miles posing by the Christmas tree this morning. Apparently he was ready for his photoshoot…

I mean seriously?? Do your dogs beg to be photographed like this like mine do? They totally set themselves up and just hold the pose. It's unbelievable. 🙂


Great pictures. the last one is beautiful..the first one looks so cuddly

Wow. What a difference! I just looked at the pics from 2 years ago and Miles looks amazing. His poor ears look so good!

Wonderful pictures.


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