Guess that rescue mutt: Part Basenji?

  • Tango, our new baby boy lucked out and won the stray pup lottery, and rescuers found him and his 2 littermates and his mother cold and hungry in a irrigation ditch. He's now in a warm loving home with his own backyard, got puppy meds to clear up all his bugs, and got all his puppy shots.

    Apparently mom is a Golden Retriever mix, and no clue about dad. His two siblings look much more golden retriever than he does (they are wider, bigger in general, and furrier). His adoption listing says Golden/Terrier mix but the rescuers conceded that was pure speculation.

    A few things that started me looking into him being Basenji:
    -Definitely has a independent streak to him, he is trainable but definately has to be in his way
    -In the past two weeks we've had him he has not barked even once (though he makes plenty of other noises), though I haven't heard him yodeling as I've heard in some of the Basenji video's I've seen.
    -When he wants to he can zoom around faster than any other puppy I've ever seen, hes got a very angular build
    -He has the wrinkles on his forehead
    -He was born between April 20th and 25th (15-16weeks old) and is just 13.5 pounds, and has a pretty lean build. may be a bit underweight being a former stray.

    Any other telltale signs I should look for? Regardless he will be loved whatever breed he is, as papa is a mutt as well 🙂

    So without further ado here is Tango our baby boy, feel free to play Guess That Mutt!

    *** I ordered one of those cheek swab DNA kits so we'll see what BioPet has to say as well (though I've heard mixed reviews on their accuracy)

  • More pics of Tango, last one is the rescue puppy photo

  • Very beautiful puppy and so lucky to have his beautiful new home. Got the wrinkles I do not know. Welcome let us know how the test goes. Thank you for pictures and for taking in Tango. He looks like a love that's for sure.

    Rita Jean

  • Basenjis aren't the only hound with wrinkles. Rhodesian Ridgebacks also can have nice wrinkle,

  • soooo cute!!!!! enjoy!

  • Houston

    Such a cute puppy, he is very lucky and so are you.

  • 🙂 What a gorgeous looking pup you have. I love the last pic of the first lot of photos.

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