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@rgk9ruler thank you! I can definitely see some similarities between this breed and my Cotilla 😊 and I could see him hunting squirrels, he loves running after insects and birds.

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@zande thank you for the insight! I didn’t even know about the frog-legs, he lays like that all the time. I’m not too concerned about what mix he is, but it is still interesting to speculate!

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@zande thank you so much for your reply! He was found on the south coast of Spain where I live, and it is true we have a lot of abandoned dogs here unfortunately. I can’t understand how anyone could abandon him, but their loss is my gain and he will always have a home now.

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I adopted a dog in Spain two months ago. The shelter didn’t have any information about his past since he was found on the streets. He has a wrinkly forehead and curled tail. At one years old he only weighs 6,5 kg, so pretty small. He cleans himself like a cat everyday and doesn’t smell like a dog. Afraid of strangers and chews on anything I leave out. He does bark and howl though. Do you think he might have some basenji in him? And also curious if you’ve seen basenji mixes with smaller dogs!





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