• I adopted a dog in Spain two months ago. The shelter didn’t have any information about his past since he was found on the streets. He has a wrinkly forehead and curled tail. At one years old he only weighs 6,5 kg, so pretty small. He cleans himself like a cat everyday and doesn’t smell like a dog. Afraid of strangers and chews on anything I leave out. He does bark and howl though. Do you think he might have some basenji in him? And also curious if you’ve seen basenji mixes with smaller dogs!





  • I used to work in Spain and it broke my heart every autumn when we went to the coast, to see the 'pariah dogs' - either abandoned throughout the summer or whelped while Mom was on holiday and then the whole litter abandoned.

    They would form gangs and scrounge and scavenge food from the hotels, but as the tourist season came to an end, many of these would close and the whole pack would starve, or be run over - and vanish. Anyway, by Christmas there would be no gangs of these dogs roaming the streets.

    You don't say where he was found but it is very possible that he didn't originate in Spain but in France or Germany. None of which is really important. What is is that he has found a wonderful forever home with you.

    Standing sideways on, yes - it would definitely seem that there is Basenji in him somewhere. He has the right stance and outline and although tiny, it isn't impossible. And from your description he has some of the right characteristics too.

    I am starting to disbelieve many of the DNA test results - they are too 'way out and extreme, but you could have him checked just to see what weird and wonderful combinations they come up with.

    But just enjoy him - don't worry too much !

  • @zande thank you so much for your reply! He was found on the south coast of Spain where I live, and it is true we have a lot of abandoned dogs here unfortunately. I can’t understand how anyone could abandon him, but their loss is my gain and he will always have a home now.

  • @cotilla The way he is lying with back legs stretched out 'frog-dog' fashion is VERY typical of a Basenji. He could have been abandoned just because he is a mix. The family purebred 'went astray' and the 'kids' were left on the Coast - can't take these mongrels home with us ! Think of the shame - 😭

  • @zande thank you for the insight! I didn’t even know about the frog-legs, he lays like that all the time. I’m not too concerned about what mix he is, but it is still interesting to speculate!

  • @cotilla My dog is a mix too - we think she is Corgi/Basenji, and she is small. I'm not sure how much she weighs but I would guess about 10 - 12 pounds. There's only one way to know for sure about the breed, and that's DNA testing. I'm not going to do that but a lot of people do. Your little guy looks so sweet - it's wonderful that you rescued him!

  • He looks very similar to a breed of dog from the south here in the states called a Faust. They are bred as tree climbers to hunt mostly squirrels. He may be a mix. Only way to really tell is with a DNA test. Nonetheless, he is a very handsome fellow.

  • @rgk9ruler sorry it’s spelled Feist. Here is a link about the breed. https://www.k9web.com/breeds/feist-dog/

  • @rgk9ruler thank you! I can definitely see some similarities between this breed and my Cotilla 😊 and I could see him hunting squirrels, he loves running after insects and birds.

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