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I googled it and here are some:

One is a spray, but the others look like they'd be a cream. You might want to put a little on their ears too!

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This should have been posted on April first for April fool's day!😄

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When I was in my teens I used to babysit for people when their kids came home from school but the parents didn't get home till around 6:00. I wonder if teens still do that? Maybe you could get someone to come to your home after school and stay till you get home. Just a thought! Good luck.

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Cinny does this to me too, and if I approach her when she has decided she isn't going to come back inside (in the fenced back yard) she will even sort of "melt" down to the ground while looking away, and if I try to pick her up she shrieks and nips at me. I'm always very gentle with her, and I know she isn't afraid of me, she just doesn't want to come in till she's ready. The one thing I've seen that will sometimes lure her back willingly is a small piece of bacon. I use little pieces of bacon as treats to train her since she doesn't like regular dog treats. She used to be very afraid of being picked up so if I'm going to, I tell her first and go slowly.

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Cleo sure is adorable! And she looks a lot like a Basenji my brother had when we were kids, and his Basenji was also named Cleo!

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Hi there! I have a couple of ideas that might help. For the garbage, if you can get a taller can like the type in cafeterias with a rounded lid and a flap door in the top part, that solves that. Boots can go in a box by the door; maybe a wooden box or something with a lid, or tall enough that she can't see them. Shoes in general can go in a plastic box under the bed or in the closet.
If you get a pressure gate, they're adjustable to fit the doorway and low enough for people to step over. Sometimes dogs are content to look outside and not necessarily go out. Maybe Rogue though everyone was going to go, so followed them out.
It's been my experience that a harness while in the house doesn't work. My dog chewed right through her first harness in a matter of 30 minutes. When I came back in, she was sitting right next to it, like "thanks for the weird chew toy but don't put it on me". So that's something I'm still dealing with too. I want to have something on her at all times with a reflector and tags. My neighbors opened my back gate once and didn't close it. I'm putting a spring on it so it closes itself. Cinny was out in the front yard when I noticed, but she came back when I called her even though she usually doesn't. She needs training and I haven't been successful with that yet. I might try bacon. Try whatever Rogue's favorite is. I'm going to get a book so I'm consistent. Otherwise I get distracted when I'm trying to teach her and we just end up playing.
So, those are my thoughts. Tall kitchen garbage can with a lid/flap; shoes and boots inside boxes, a gate that people can step over but will let Rogue know that's the barrier. Maybe screen doors with springs so they close themselves. It's like with little kids - if they can't see it or reach it they can't get into it. They really have no concept of the danger outside. And most of all, she really, really wants to please you. You are her person and she loves you too.

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Before I got Cinnamon we were looking at ads and at shelters, and I saw two things like this. I think they were getting dogs from shelters and "rehoming" them for very high amounts.

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I think it's my own fears more than hers, but I'm so afraid I'm going to scare her or hurt her little nails! I have great clippers and a sanding tool made for dogs' nails, so it seems like it would be something easy to do, but I keep putting it off, and now they're really long. I thought of calling a groomer, but this is something I need to get over I guess.

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It's possible! We got her in Fresno! We don't know who had her before, but the shelter said they thought she had just lived outside most of her one + year. She definitely wasn't used to people, and was very shy at first. She let me pick her up but hid her face against me, so I don't think she'd been held much, if at all.

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