• Hi everyone,

    So I wanted to get everyone's thoughts on what my puppy could be?

    His name is Charlie. I rescued him from my local shelter when he was 10 months old about 3 years ago. They told me he had been surrendered by his owners.

    Charlie loves most people, though he doesn't take too kindly to elderly people on the street. He barely barks, and I've heard him howl only once at a passing ambulance at 1am. He's a bit of a Velcro dog though he prefers to be near me, not touching me. His prey drive is insane. He killed a pigeon once and brought it to me like a cat. So I know he's definitely got basenji tendencies. He hates the rain, it's a pain making him do his business in the wet weather. He also has an obsession with shredding toilet paper (its the only thing he likes), he doesn't care for dog toys. And his forehead get wrinkly when he's worried. His skin in general is extremely rolly and pliable.

    Haha.. What do you guys think he's crossed with? My boyfriend and I see some sort of Spitz in him, but we're not too sure. He's got a curly tail though not to the level of the pure basenji.

    Some pics:



    [broken links]


  • Looks like a spitz mix to me, more than Basenji. Many spitz breeds have a curly tail. And honestly there are also many, many breeds that do not like to potty in the rain. I would guess maybe a Shiba mix

  • I'm not sure what he is but he sure is damn CUTE! I love his dog pillow! Where did you get it?

  • @tanza said in Charlie! Basenji mix rescue.:

    I would guess maybe a Shiba mix

    That's what I was thinking.
    Monica has 2 Shiba mixes (rescues) and they look a lot like this boy.

  • @tanza Most people are not aware that the Shiba Inu is a smaller version of the Akita Inu. I had an Akita Inu and he was a great dog. Very protective of me and the other Pets. These Japanese Dogs are known for their Loyalty and their mission is to protect their families. They were bred for that. They were never used for Hunting rather they were raised to be protection Animals.

    Shiba Inus do not come cheap. Although they are lesser known there are Breeders of this dog but a decent Breeder will explain their quirks. Akita Inus hate rain and mine always looked at me as if to say 'Please make this stop'! Shiba Inus have similar traits as the Basenjis. They don't trust new people easily and although the Shiba Inus can Bark they rarely do. Just enjoy your Charlie.

  • @shindyy Your Charlie is lovely! He is most definitely more Shiba Inu than Basenji. He may be ALL Shiba Inu. He is very lucky to have you! 🙂

  • Very handsome little guy. He looks a lot like our Lilly. We rescued ours too and all we were told was Basenji Mix. Our vet seems to think she is mixed with Shar Pei.

  • He looks like a mountain Feist to me. My friend has one and we have compared habits and they have many basenji quirks.
    Your dog could be her dogs twin. Charlie looks like a sweet boy.

  • @kembe haha I can't remember exactly but I know it was from some dollar store in Toronto. Here's a link to one i found online: https://www.harajukufever.com/products/shiba-inu-cute-dog-sofa-bed-cotton-plush-pillow-hf00862

  • Thanks everyone for your responses and kind words 🙂

    I have always seen the Shiba inu in him, but thought perhaps I was imagining it. Even had a theory maybe he was a Finnish Spitz cross, but they're not common here.

    And bear in mind I live in Australia, where Shibas and Basenjis are quite rare. I was at the dog park and a lady who owned Basenjis, (and her daughter owned them too) , came up to me and asked me point blank if Charlie was cross basenji. She said it was his body and especially his legs and chest when he walks and runs. Haha, so she sees basenji?

    Either way, he's my beautiful baby. Haha it's always intrigued me what his breed was, with him being a rescue.

    Some extra pics 🙂




  • @shindyy said in Charlie! Basenji mix rescue.:

    I have always seen the Shiba inu in him, but thought perhaps I was imagining it.

    I think what you are imagining is the Basenji ! I'd go along with the Sheba Inu vote. He is gorgeous and hopefully you will enjoy his company for many a long year!

    Lovely pictures, lovely boy, SUPER cushion !

  • @shindyy
    I completely understand your LOVE for your baby! He is BEAUTIFUL and he is lucky to have you to LOVE him!

  • Monica's (my daughter) first Shiba cross was crossed with a Pom. He was about a year old when she got him and just full of energy. She would put him on a leash, stand, and turn in a circle and he'd pace around and around. He had the most beautiful effortless side gait.

    Saw the new pics you posted, don't you just love it when they cross their front legs? Makes him look so...so....so innocent (or guilty????) Have fun!

  • he looks like Primative dog. if dogs breed randomly over time they end up reverting to the Primative type. pointy nose prick ears.. they are on every continent. enjoy what clearly is a fun dog.

  • @antigone said in Charlie! Basenji mix rescue.:

    Most people are not aware that the Shiba Inu is a smaller version of the Akita Inu.

    They hopefully aren't aware since it isn't true.

  • @debradownsouth Ok. However, unless you walk your Basenji with your Wolf you cannot ever understand how terrified domestic dogs are of the Wolves. Wolves are an Apex Predator and even Coyotes which are brazen will clear out if there is a Wolf. My Basenji had zero use for Canines. She loved her Wolves and her Cat.

  • @antigone
    The wolves and coyote have mated for thousands of years and still do. Dogs mate freely with wild wolves. There is no absolutes on dogs fearing or not fearing... but it has zip to do with ancient breed or not.


  • @debradownsouth Wolves in Canada are mating with Coyotes because the Wolves do not have the ability to find mates. The Wolf Coyote Hybrid is a very dangerous animal. They are large like a Wolf but have the nasty Coyote personality. This Hybrid has killed hikers in Canada and they hunt in Packs. Wolves rarely hunt in Packs as they want to stay as far away from Humans as possible.

    Senator Mark Udall of Utah worked to get the Wolves back into the States because there were NONE left. Now we have the same problem. In this Country, the normal Coyote will clear out because the Wolves are the Apex Predator & the Coyotes are afraid of them.

    I will always believe what I have seen & lived with for 16 years. Dogs DO fear Wolves. It is very rare for them not to, the dog has to be raised with a Wolf & then, and ONLY then is the Dog not afraid of the Wolf. Your sources are most likely from the Fish & Wildlife Service or the Forest Service and neither of those has ever been fair to the Wolves. I take your source with the Proverbial Grain of Salt.

  • Just a little update.

    I went to the dog lovers show in Sydney and saw some Basenjis! It was my first time seeing them in person. And i couldn't help but see a resemblance. I snapped a pic of one of the show dogs napping and compared it to Charlie.
    Pic below.

    Now maybe it's a coincidence, but even the Basenji's mannerism were so similar to Charlie's, it was kind of mind blowing. Haha I'm even more intrigued now!



  • LOL pretty common sleeping position but they are cute. 🙂

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