• I know, I know… I'm totally obsessed. I just LOVE my kids!! (And I love when they 'talk' to me!! --Especially Miles because it's a new trick for him... and his noise is so much different from Lexi's... so cute!)

  • That was adorable. I liked the tail wagging!
    Our red and white is very vocal like that. Both of our boys were looking under the desk for the dogs making that noise.:p

  • It's funny- my dogs are so unaffected by their own video noises… I keep thinking that if I play it loud enough, they will know it's them, but nope- no reaction. LOVE LOVE LOVE Miles's tail wagging. He is so cute. Lexi will only wag hers for the laser pointer. And Miles makes a cute little joker face when he talks. So cute!

  • I'm so glad that Miles has worked out so well for you and your B family. He and Lexi are lucky dogs to have parents like you. Miles looks so happy and healthy now. And of course, Lexi is still her beautiful little self 🙂

  • Today's Photo Shoot… 🙂

    Miles after our run... I like the little drip on his tongue.

    The Ham Man

    Lexi always puts her head so gently and "just so" on her little foot. So cute! So delicate!

    I like how the light hits her little whiskers. :p

    So cute!! :o

    The 'sport' feature… I just like how she gently looks away- she is so expressive if you are paying attention... :rolleyes:

    Handsome little Miles :rolleyes:

    Lexi blanketed with sunshine… 🙂 :p

  • Awww so cute, thank you for sharing

  • I know you have enjoyed training them. did you train them to "tell you"? how did you do that?

  • I got their favorite treat and make a hand gesture at the same time (signing is often more commanding for them than vocal commands). Whenever they made the slightest bit of noise, they got rewarded. If no noise came, I would massage their throat and make a noise myself. If still no noise, I would gently brush my hand over the sides of his mouth in towards the middle until he opened his mouth. Anyways, repeat, repeat, repeat… and you will see the result. 🙂

  • the pics and video are amazing. The other day my husband told me Champ jumped up and growled at some children. Of couse I already started thinking he's getting aggresive but after watching the video we realized he was singing.

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