• 0_1599609627591_thumbnail_20200716_183737dog 2.jpg 0_1599609647915_dog 3.jpg 0_1599609663115_dog pics.jpg I have been a member here for several yrs. thought maybe I would try downloading a few pics. I hope they go through , the first is of my Izzy he is now 7 yrs old. The second is of his little sister Moxie she is going on 2 and a half I believe. She is a rescue ,and in the last pic you can see she is not so much a little sister, but they love each other anyway. Of course even with the difference in size Izzy still rules the roost.

  • @isabob
    Your basenjis are GORGEOUS! I love the first pic of Izzy - he looks so majestic and regal with that imposing stare. Thanks for posting the photos!

  • Absolutely striking!


  • Lovely, relaxed, obviously well-bonded Basenjis !

  • SUCH beautiful Basenjis!!!! Kiss them both on the nose for me!!!!

  • @kembe Actually only Izzy is pure basenji , he is a very good boy except for meeting new people, when new people come to the house they have to sit with there hands very still till he investigates each and every one of them and if he approves they may then pet him. He also brings his food dish on demand, also gives High fives and hugs if you ask him. Never counter surfs ,or jumps fences. He does like to tear the bed up though and he loves perfumy smells if someone has perfume on he will rub himself all over them. Then there is Moxie she is the comedian of the two she does some really funny things. We got her from Basenji rescue, she looked really basenji when she was about 10 mo. but after we got her she kept growing and growing, she is now over 50lbs. the vet decided she has more boxer then anything, maybe a little basenji, but we love her anyway, she is a clinger, she is always by my side.

  • @isabob
    It’s funny about the “perfumey smells” - my basenji does the same thing with smokers. She will rub herself up against them and goes crazy around the puffs of cigarette smoke. It is so weird and no one in our family smokes. I tell people she’s a “closet smoker” and getting her fix.

  • @kembe That is funny but I think I prefer the perfume : ) Izzy goes crazy for those little perfume samples that come in magazines : )

  • Doodle's favorite thing to "roll in" is Utility Marker Paint. You know, the stuff they spray on your lawn to show you where "not to dig". She has come home from walks looking like I tie-dye'd her! Gonna have to take a picture next time.

  • @elbrant That would be great to see pics. Izzy likes to roll all over the perfume samples. he rips them a little then he smears himself all over them. It would be fun to see your tie dye dog : )

  • I'm kinda embarrassed to admit this, but Jenga Jeng had a favorite smell that he loved to rub in too. Coyote poop. It was like an aphrodisiac to him. He'd find it on the trail, his eyes would light up and he'd just burry a shoulder in it. And, I mean fast too. It became a contest between us after awhile to see was gonna be asleep at the wheel once we stumbled on it. He had a lot a ✔ marks in the win column.

  • @jengosmonkey All of mine over the years have favoured fox poop. Shoulder and neck rubbed in it - and then a nice roll to get it all over the back. I now have a special dog shampoo bottle in the kitchen for instant use as soon as they are out of the car -

  • @zande Wow ! guess I'm lucky that Izzy prefers purfume 🙂

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