Cruelity to my animals! Just kidding!

  • Okay, I am not cruel to them but I don't think they were pleased about the holiday things that I made them wear! :rolleyes:

    Here is Chase and Zahra's Christmas photo with Santa today.

    Zahra did well with the wreath on her neck but Chase could not wait to get those reindeer antlers off his head - I figure it is payback for my Clark's shoes that he ate last night! 😃

    Happy Holidays!


  • I love this picture, going to send it to daddy? I bet he will get a real kick out of it. I have a picture of Sahara as well, maybe I can get my son to put it up the next time he is home. I don't yet know how to do the picture thing, I am not that good with those things. I have some pics on a CD that I got from Walmart, is it hard to get them on the site? Sahara is now 10mos and 23.5 lbs., and is still our sweet baby, not many problems with the Christmas tree, thank God.

  • I was thinking of you today, I was at the Greenbrier dog park and we are going Lure Coursing tomorrow! Too bad you guys couldn't make it up this weekend.

    The Pug Rescue did the photo for $5 at the Dogstuff store in Virginia Beach. Another good dog store in the area.

    You need to get your son to post that Christmas picture!

    I kept the wreath on Zahra for most of the afternoon and everyone kept coo-ing over her every where that we went. I don't think Chase would have kept those Reindeer antlers on any longer than I made him! LOL!

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