Ever just been too tired …...

Just too darned tired to even finish your dinner?

Yeah, me neither, but it's happened to Jazz!


oh my goodness, that's hilarious!

Oh that's a classic! What happened to her? Did she just fall asleep there or did she just want to make sure she was first in line for breakfast?


She just fell alseep there. Maybe she was full and wanted to make sure Gypsy didn't eat her leftovers?

I never cease to be amazed at the weird places and positions that she falls asleep.

LOL! That picture is just too funny! Thank-you for the chuckle!

LOL – I love it! Basenjis are definately clown dogs.

That is WAY cute!

Love this picture, B's are the best. She looks just like my Sahara, how old is she?

oh my god, that is so funny.she is cute!

That is a very funny picture! She must have been pooped!

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