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thank you very much for your suggestions. Dayna's shots are complete now including rabies. this time the vet gave her a benadril and some cortizon mix before the shot so she did not have any reaction. in this case, the rabies shot was not made 30 days prior to the travel date, I hope that does not create any problems.

I got her health certiicate and I had it endorsed by the office of USDA. and I purchased a new kennel for her that has the ventilation holes on all four sides. it is the intermediate size that you suggested I think. I;ve got it from a locak pet shop. She is able to lay down and strech her feet in it. I think this will be much better for her with the extra space. She is not very fond of crates actually but she seems to like this one.

I will take her back from AA at Chicago airport and check her in again at Turkish Airlines. I like this better because I will be able to see her and make sure she in the plane.

I will post after our travel about our experience.
thank you again
pelin & dayna

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Thank you very much for the tips. I checked her kennel again and it does not have ventilation holes at the back. I need to check with the airlines and buy a new one maybe.

I was planning to use the zip ties but I was not sure about what they would say at the airport. So I guess I can use them, that is good to know.

Is there anyway to make sure your dog in in the plane. Some web sites are suggesting to ask to watch your dog when she is put on and off the plane. Is that possible?

Dayna's rabie shots was given on May 2006, so it was more than 12 months, but it is not due until 2009. She just got another shots, one of those combined ones, and she had a very bad reaction to it. So, I dont' want to put her through this again. I need to check on that.

Thanks again, for sharing your experiences. You only hear the bad experiences, and it makes you nervous. I guess people travel with their pets all the time and people at the airports know what they are doing.

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Hi everyone,
I need some advice and suggestions about air traveling with my Basenji. Dayna and I will be flying to Turkey in October. I live in Columbus, so I need to first fly to Chicago, then Istanbul, then Ankara. There are going to be three flights and two connections. Dayna weighs 24 pounds, so I can not take her with me to the cabin, she has to travel as a checked baggage which scares me a lot. I don't know who handles the animals in airports, and how that works. I called American Airlines today, but all they told me was that the animals are handled by the luggage carriers. Dayna has an approved kennel, water and food cups that can be attached to the kennel, and also signs says "live animal" which I will put on the kennel. Our vet is preparing the health certificate, and her shots are up to date.

Please share if you have any experience, or advice to make this travel less stressful for Dayna and me. What precautions I should take.
Thanks in advance

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dayna has the same thing on her tail. her father is red and white and her mother is a tri colored basenji.

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that is so funny, Dayna curls up next to my but, when I lie down on my side. they are funny!

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ooooh that's so cute and funny:D 😃 . I never saw a basenji doing that but again I probably did not see so many basenjis either. but I know a labrodoodle doing that:D
so cute

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thank you all very much for your support:) I think Dayna can start her career in modeling. Maybe we should start with the Basenji magazine:D

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happy birthday Tucker!!!!!!!!

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yes, it was mine and believe me I am not a tiny little person. it was 100 % wool.
I am thinking maybe I should cut it in the front and make it something that she can really wear.
I am no so upset about it because it was very cheap and when I put it on Dayna I realized that it looks better on her than it did on me:)

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that's what happened after I found my wool sweater in the dryer. now it belongs to dayna


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