He is crazy


I've seen some ferrets doing this but dogs..

My brother isn't here now.. I keep his place nice and warm

Sigh…. he is back..

He shall say how we have to sail!

:D:D:D Your pics are so funny, cheeky Buana lying in Ryan's bouncy chair, they certainly like the best places 😉
In the last pic he looks like he's winking.

Great pics, my favourite one is with Buana in Ryan's chair, typical Basenji :D.

Aahw.. Bu'tje in his brothers chair.. So cute! I have the same pic of Tillo..

Crazy pups 😉

Those are great! Sonny loves to ride in my nephews car seat in my car & look out the window…I always wonder what that must look like to other drivers pulled up next to us at a red light!! I sure hope they don't think I put him in the seat...:p


Great pictures..So glad to see that y'all are doing well..
Ryan is growing so fast..slow down little boy;):D

Great photos, love your dog/baby photos!


Great photos, love your dog/baby photos!

Yeah, that's always a winning combination!

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