He's really crazy

My parents were here last weekend and my dad was playing with Chafuko..
Buana became jealous and went to my dad.. my dad put him in his jumper and gave him lots of hugs..

Later when chafuko stopped playing, my dad still had Chafuko's toy.. A little cap…

This is the result:


And that silly B, was really proud at his new cap and kept it on his head…

LOL!! That picture is a Classic shot!!

Nutty basenjis! He looks so happy and relaxed…oh, and goofy! :D:D:D

Right in style and the hat fits so well. Cute picture. Well at least I know your not in labor or had the baby since we can see you posted this. Thanks for picture have a restful day.

Rita Jean

:D:D he is crazy (but dont know if your dad or Buana is :D).

What a funny boy! You allways mak me smile with your pics, Kim:)

What a cool dude 😃


So cute..and handsome to boot.

He looks really cute, and quite pleased with himself!

Great pic!

Chafuko says "Never mind the colors. I AM ONE COOL DUDE…and don't you forget it!"

BTW, congrats on your newborn. The world welcomes RYAN!

Chafuko is a favorite of mine. Seems like he has a great personality. 😃

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