• So I've been saying I would post pictures ever since I got Callie in May, and I FINALLY have a computer, and pictures on a computer, and reliable enough internet signal that I can actually hold to that promise!! So, with no further ado, Callie & Lola… (Thanks to MDSPHOTO for the first 2 shots!!!)

    Callie suited up for a lure coursing trial, Lola & Callie hanging out during a lure coursing trial, Lola peeking out from under the bed (her typical "Uh-oh.. Mom found out I destroyed something so I better go where she can't reach me & look cute until she cools off" hiding space), Callie & Lola suited up for their first run at the BCOA Specialty ASFA lure coursing trial in September, and Lola & Callie doing what they do best, posing on the couch at home.

  • Good looking brindles!

  • They certainly are good looking Basenjis

  • Houston

    Very nice pictures..sure are pretty basenjis..I love brindles..

  • I love a pair of brindles. That's what I'm hoping to accomplish later on. 😃

    The "uh oh" spot is funny. They know when they've been naughty.

  • Oh what sweethearts! I'm going to miss hearing the oh so enthusiastic Lola barooo.

  • They look so cute together on the couch 🙂 Very nice pics 🙂

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