Callie & Lola

So I've been saying I would post pictures ever since I got Callie in May, and I FINALLY have a computer, and pictures on a computer, and reliable enough internet signal that I can actually hold to that promise!! So, with no further ado, Callie & Lola… (Thanks to MDSPHOTO for the first 2 shots!!!)

Callie suited up for a lure coursing trial, Lola & Callie hanging out during a lure coursing trial, Lola peeking out from under the bed (her typical "Uh-oh.. Mom found out I destroyed something so I better go where she can't reach me & look cute until she cools off" hiding space), Callie & Lola suited up for their first run at the BCOA Specialty ASFA lure coursing trial in September, and Lola & Callie doing what they do best, posing on the couch at home.

Good looking brindles!

They certainly are good looking Basenjis


Very nice pictures..sure are pretty basenjis..I love brindles..

I love a pair of brindles. That's what I'm hoping to accomplish later on. 😃

The "uh oh" spot is funny. They know when they've been naughty.

Oh what sweethearts! I'm going to miss hearing the oh so enthusiastic Lola barooo.

They look so cute together on the couch 🙂 Very nice pics 🙂

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