Loki & Kaia

Haven't updated pics of Loki or Kaia in awhile. These aren't really in order, but most are pretty recent. The 3 after the water photos have Loki's brother too. We ran into him at the dog park we frequent, they live in Ft Lauderdale and were up visiting family. Complete coincidence that we ran into his littermate, but we thought it was pretty cool. Kaia's finally hit 18 pounds and though she's little she loves wrestling with the big boys and keeps up with them pretty well!


Lovely photos. Looks like they know how to share the destruction. 🙂

First Basenji's

Looks like the dogs are confused.. why is this bacon alive… MMMmmmmm Bacon stips haha I knows its Beggin but I wanted to seem clever hahah! Btw ur pups are so adorable! I love them laying together all over each other, sooo funny!

Lovely dogs, their coats are so shiny. Makes me wish I had 2 so they could snuggle up together. I have yet to met another Basenji at the dog park, hoping to see Kaiser play with another one day.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Miss Kaia has grown up to be such a beautiful girl! That black coat is so gorgeous and glossy. She and Loki make a lovely pair, and they seem so happy together! I love how they're so playful and how Kaia uses Loki for a pillow. LOL! Hmmm… maybe I should rethink getting a second one. But then Ava chews the carpet, eats the plants or pees on my bed and I stick with my singleton plan. 😉

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