Before & After

Hard at work…...

I did a good job! 😃

LOL! That is too cute!! 😃 Digging his own little bed!

Love his colouring too, I dont think i've seen a brindle with such bright red colouring over here, thats beautiful!

Very cute 🙂

Smart, its cooler down there!

ROFLMAO, smart hard working dog!

So adorable. B's are so incredibly smart.


You go smart. Nice and cool sand. 🙂

he always looks so happy!

Very cute…and brilliant 😃

What a great pictures!

He is so cute!

Chafuko does this too but he likes to dig the sand under the chair away and let us fall 😃

He is so cute. His coloring really is beautiful and obviously he is very smart - digging a cool hole to lie in is one of those things that just makes all the sense in the world!

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