Loki & Kaia

It's been quite some time since I've posted on the forum. Hard to believe it's been a year since we added Kaia, and 2 since bringing home Loki, time flies! Here are a "few" photos from last year. Feisty little Kaia even caught a duck (twice) in the yard, didn't manage to get any photos of that, maybe next time if the ducks ever come back 😉

great photos, especially the beach

Basenji water babies I can't believe my eyes, love all the awkward sleeping/sitting poses aren't they funny dogs. I wish I had two, looks like so much fun they have together. Beautiful dogs, lovely photo's, thanks for sharing, I'm very jealous. Has Kaia learnt a lot from Loki, did it make puppyhood easier with one already trained?

Jolanda and Kaiser

Thanks for posting, I enjoyed looking at them. With contrasting colours, at least you never have to wonder which dog you are looking at from a distance! 🙂

Stash- They definitely have some awkward poses (see below) they get themselves into, mostly Kaia since she insists on laying on top of Loki and he's only allowed to rest his head on her. She also likes to lay down and tilt her head backwards so she can stare at stuff upside down. They have tons of fun…wrestle sessions every evening and Loki will hide under the bed and sometimes even baroo at her! Each puppyhood was different, but she did learn some stuff from him like potty training, going into the water, sitting stretched across to the window ledge, and certain tricks she's watched him perform and then copied to get a treat.

eeeefarm- Contrasting colors is lovely! Our friends have 2 r/w boys who look so similar that I have to look at their front legs to tell them apart. All 3 red boys at a distance can be a bit difficult, but Loki is different enough that he's generally easy to pick out of the group 🙂

They're so pretty and look very happy together! It really does seem easier to have two.

Little Kaia is all grown up! Ava is, too… in size. She still acts like a rambunctious puppy. 😉

I'm guessing Kaia, like Ava, thinks that girls are boss and rules the roost at your house. Loki doesn't seem to mind. Such a good-natured boy!

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