Chloe & Rusty

These are my two basenji mixes. Chloe is the first one, she is almost 3 yrs old and we think she may have some pit or boxer in her. She loves to do the yoddle if she hears a smoke alarm lol. Rusty is the 2nd one, we adopted him Saturday, he is actually 1 today!

How very cute! I envy the yodeling. Sayblee yodeled and we loved it. Neither of our 2 now yodel. 😞

Thanks. Chloe will only do it if the smoke alarm goes off. I found that out in our old house since there was one right in the kitchen and my cookie sheet decided to smoke.

They are cute! Maybe Rusty will trade his bark for a yodel, if Chloe could teach him…. 🙂

Thanks! I hope she can teach him. Im hoping she can teach him my husband is a good guy.

Cute pups! Happy B day to Rusty!! He must be very happy with his gift: a new family 🙂


Very cute..I love their looks..You have two very lucky puppies..thank you for adopting them.

Happy first Birthday to Rusty, both your Dogs are lovely

Your dogs are beautiful - and very lucky to have been adopted. One of mine is a basenji/collie mix - she looks very much like Rusty in the face, and has a heavier build than the pure basenji - same color as yours, and a very sweet dog- lots of love and luck to you all.

What cuties! My Nayru does the Basenji grrryawn but no yodeling.

First Basenji's

They are beautiful!

Our first Basenji, Seymour, yodeled a lot…sounded like a rooster crowing. Maxx rarely yodeled, but when he did, he sounded like Tim "The Toolman" Taylor from Home Improvements..."r-r-r-r."

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