Chloe and my cat Tigger playing And Chloe playing with my ferret Slinky

Chloe my Basenji Beagle mix (5mo) loves to play with my cat Tigger (8mo). They are best friends. Chloe is one of the Basenji/Beagle puppies from the litter I had on here back when they were born. She has her daddy's coloring and ears and a looped tail but her mothers short little legs lol.

Chloe ALSO loves playing with my ferret Slinky. I recently moved thats why the videos are in 2 different houses lol. Most Ferrets and dogs dont get along but these 2 love each other.

Also too watch at the end of Chloe and Tigger how Chloe pulls Tigger off the couch lol

Basenji Mix

how adorable! I especially love the ferret and pup playing!

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