The games we play at sinbaj

This is what life is like for a baby at sinbaje basenjis.

Practicing their default behavior for supper 6 weeks old:

Dog walking at a little over 5 weeks old:

Meeting the Funky Chicken No1:

Meeting the Funky Chicken No2:

Be sure to watch the funky chicken in order so you can see how they went from scared to attack.

Yamaha ym3526 history

LOL, funky chicken 1, "careful, is that thing dangerous"??? No 2, Nope! attaccccck! Running the vacuum cleaner the first time is a fun on too.


Great videos Linda..they are so smart..

Linda, love those videos. Such careful curiosity in FC 1, and then in FC 2, it is all hell breaking loose!

Good little basenjis…kill the funky chicken! 🙂

P.S. I love the chicken dance, it is one of my favorite things to do at a wedding. 🙂

What good little Basenjis. Well trained!!

Wonderful vids, thanks for sharing! Such smart pups, lovely to watch!

oh, NICE! That chicken is something else.

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