How do they play

Like this!

Totally without making noise and always keepeachother happy 😃

Chafuko looks funny

Buana always turns his head aside and then attack his prey 😃 (that'sthe way he learned to play with our cat)

Take that leg! Buana has a favorite place to bit… Chafuko's gentleman parts.. hahaha


I like the way they "ask" eachother to play..
Sometimes, they play all day long… 😃

At our house this usually occurs with silent "dog laughing" like pants, and gasps and snorts…it is is really cute 🙂

Makes me want another basenji…. :o

I love to watch my girls play like that - although since one of them is a basenji mix, I do hear growling, whining, yodeling, and all manner of wierd noises from Gemma. Like yours, Shaye fight/plays silent but deadly! Your pictures are wonderful. Thanks for posting.

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