• G'day all:D
    Well it's been interesting around at our place of late(3 weeks),
    Long story short, I told the wife of a bundle of fluff at the local pound.
    I was looking for a B but SHMBO said PLEASE and being a weak male I said OK:rolleyes:
    So here is Sheba..

    And a reminder of Bella, our Bx…

    We were told at the pound She(Sheba) was a Shiba Inu.
    To big and doesn't fitt the discriptions so the search began.
    Next was the Vet who said Shepard cross, again I'm not convinced as the muzzle is wrong but I think they look at the colour.
    Asked on a forum and got a few ideas from there.
    So Alaskan Malamute.. doesn't quite fitt the bill but close.
    Then Siberian Husky.. Shows most of the traights but I think she is slightly taller.
    Guessing a Siberian Husky cross:eek: Not quite what we thought we had:)

    So how do they get on?….getting there,thankfully.
    When we went to see her we took Bella and they got on well, first hurdlle done.
    Picked her up from the vet after her spading and brought her home half doped out so no neutral meeting spot possible.
    Had a read through some treads like this one,..http://www.basenjiforums.com/showthread.php?t=4396
    Some good input troups so thanks to all who responded in the past;)
    So once Sheba came good it was on:eek:
    Bella doesn't get on with males so I was happy to have two females but I questioned my thoughts at one stage.
    Both are vieing for top dog and neither backs off, Both have lost some blood.
    Bella being smaller was the worse, one small hole on her shoulder and has now got peirced ears.
    But it hasn't stoped her though, she one tough little B 😃
    They both walk side by side and nose down when on lead for the daily walk.
    Both push to be first into the back yard or in the back door.
    Bella can't get to the bedroom anymore as Sheba has taken over that end of the house.
    In return Bella has taken over the mat/cusion we bought for Sheba who happily sleeps on the timber floor till we go to bed when she moves to the hall and sleeps infront of the bedroom door.
    All seems good at the moment so a little more time and things will settle.

    As a side note had an interesting phone call last week, end result is below.
    Time line…
    8;30...New dog digs under fence and take the B for a walk:eek:
    9;30...Council gets told 2 wild vicious dogs running loose by lady with a small dog and pram.
    10;00..Ranger turns up and my 2 girls head in different directions.
    10;15..Sheba crawls back into yard and ranger who followed her fills the gap with timber ect..
    16;45..Phone rings, a lady has Bella(home number on her tag) and we go get her.
    Next day..Ranger rings to see if Bella is back and we get a warning only:o

    So now Sheba is on a chain when we aren't home.
    Building a fly wire for her soon so she can run the length of the yard during the day.
    Pictures from the camping trip to finish with..

  • Hi Kyle,

    Glad things sound like they are beginning to sort themselves out with the girls… Hope this continues 🙂

    My first thought was that Sheba could be a Norwegian Elkhound ??? Not sure, but perhaps you could look them up and see if she has any traits connected with them, perhaps...

  • muzzle looks like an akita to me. of course she could be several generations away from any sort of purebred. still, a pretty girl.

  • Sheba looks German Shepherd in the front and Malamute/Husky in the back to me. She has very beautiful face though. And she's got to be very smart with eyes like that. Have the two sorted out who the top dog is yet? 😉

  • Possibly an Akita/Husky mix? I do not think the coat is similar to a Norwegian Elkhound.


  • Thanks for the replies and ideas as to Sheba's breed.
    Looks like I have 2 dogs that show their main heritage but both crossed with somthing unknowen.
    They seem happier now and Bella has stoped her growling also(read in a thread it might be a fear reaction).
    Only time they get aggresive now is at feeding time. We will still feed them at the same time to eliminate favoritisim from us but Sheba will be on her fly.
    We have decided to alow Bella to roam the back yard as she always has. She has only got out once with some help.

    Some more pics…
    Relaxing inside:)

    They never show any sign of aggression when inside but always keep an eye on where the other is.

    Bella sleeps on the cusion or couch with out any problims while Sheba sleeps on the carpet in the hall outside the open bedroom doors.

    Nearly finished the fly run for Sheba, just need to tighten the wire when the concrete sets on the posts.
    The idea is simmilar to the runs used for cattle dogs,they usualy just pin the wire to the ground and the conecting chain drags on the ground.
    For ours I lifted the wire up off the ground in an attemp to keep some grass for her to run on.

    This gives her about 12.5 x 8 mtrs(40 x 26feet) and far eisier to build than a dig proof caged run.
    Once we are home we give it about 10 mins and then go say hello to both dogs,at this time Sheba is taken off the run.
    The old vegitable patch that never grew anything will now be Sheba's digging patch with any luck(Might bury a bone each week for her to find in it).

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