Chance Playing In Bed

Here is Chance doing what he does best…Rolling around :p

Keep the puppy videos coming 🆒
Chance is really a beautiful puppy!

He is sooooo cute!!!! I feel puppy fever coming on…;)

Basenji Mix

How cute! Looked like he found a good nub to chew thru. 😉

Chance is a very handsome fellow! But you are a naughty person, I found all the Basenji vids on youtube and was up WAAAY too late watching, laughing and having a ball.

Ready for more footage of Chance!!


Aww…that is so sweet. He is makes me long for another...then I pinch myself back to reality! It's good to live it through you...Thanks!

he is soooooooo cute! looks like he is the prince 🙂

Ohhhh! He's just too cute for words!!! It's funny - most women my age get the "biological clock tick" with babies - not me - give me four legs and a curly tail, and it's puppy fever for me! 😃

Too darn cute Vanessa, he'll be sleeping in that bed before to long.:D If he hasn't weaseled his way in there already!:D

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