Zina playing with Rose

Not the best, but here's a boxer playing with Rose (Rose is only, at most 15.25 inches)


I love when big dogs lay down to play with smaller dogs. Zina is being so gentle.

Bs always like the big dog's neck. Buddy always gets under the big dogs and get's them by the neck.

Zina is exceptional-she's had enough problems to make her miserable, but she's never miserable with the puppies. She's doing better now, and has always liked to 'herd' the puppies underneath her or inbetween her front legs. She will stand in the kitchen and try to get Rose to stay underneath her. Rose just gets between her front legs and hangs off her neck.

I had a look at some of your videos - I will NOT let Kipawa see how your basenji can jump over the gate in your home! 🙂

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