Dogs at Play!


my next victim is approaching…good thing he can't see me!

who says I can't play with the BIG dogs!

don't tell them about my hiding spot…

Great pics!

If Robert DeNiro was a dog it would be Sonny Boy. "You talking to me"!

Great pics! Always nice to watch all the dogs play 🙂 Love the pic of the small JR playing with the big dogs 😃

Sonny has the cutest face i ever saw, he looks like a cartoon character in the second pic down 😃

Don't know why, but Sonny reminds me of Wiley Coyote. Has the same eye expression on their faces. 😃

Great pics! Gizmo also "hides" like that, only to charge once they are close!

Love the photos! Thanks for sharing them. Looks like all the dogs had a great play day.

First Basenji's

Great pics! Looks like he had a blast. I agree, he has such and expressive face.

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