• These two are great friends who chase eachother all over the house. It is amazing to me that Binti plays so roughly with our Frenchie and so gently with the cat.

  • Often the cat will get the best of the dog…

  • those are great pics!

  • Very cute! I think its called respect!! LOL

  • Love the pics! It also looks like the cat likes the playtime with Binti! 😃

  • Very cute pics…cats and B together, love it.

  • Basenjis seem to enjoy the company of cats, and those sharp little things on the end of the cat's feet keep even a hyper dog in check! They are cute playing together!

  • Good photos. Cairo ran up on a one-eyed black cat yesterday on his evening walk, it must have been a veteran. It run over to us, balled up in the weeds on its back, and prepared for combat. Good thing Basenji reflexes are mongoose-like or my boy would have had a perforated nose.

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