Pics and a video link

I feel like I post too often haha, but I can't help it! I've got no one else to share these things with! :rolleyes:
This video has sort of poor quality, as it was recorded on my phone. Dexter and his cousin Lola's first meeting:

The first one is from when Dex was about 9 weeks old. I thought he went under the couch to retrieve his ball…but when I checked he was just gnawing on a lost pencil...(I took it away after the picture)

The rest are all between 10-12 weeks.

The dreaded octopus toy...

Just in case anyone forgets whose toys these are...he will sit in the box with them.

If only I were a little taller, I'd bust outta here. 😉 (last picture)

awww… he is SOOOO precious and adorable! what a cutie pie!

for some reason, the white on his face reminds of the hourglass shape on a black widow spider. it just strikes me as so adorable because there's something so menacing associated with the sweetest little face! guess you better watch out - it must mean he's gonna be a trouble-maker! 😉

Thank you! 🙂
And yeah, I thought that it looked like an hour glass figure too. Oh no, not MY little baby, couldn't possibly turn into a trouble maker! :rolleyes: 😉

BAhhhhh. the cuteness it kills. He is sooo ready to take that Lola! What a Basenji. 😃


Adorable..he looks so innocent…hmmm bet he is trying to figure out something not so innocent to do..right now:)

Lol, he really isn't a trouble maker (YET). He never does anything that I have to correct other than chew on a few things that he shouldn't, but he surely knows what NO means and listens to me well. I've heard the stories though, and I will wait and see if this is just his way of wrapping me around his paw before he turns naughty lol.
The only naughty thing he ever did was break our playstation 3… SIGH. lol

He is adorable!!! So so cute!

LOVE your video and the choice of music. It was like two gladiators were fighting - the established older gladiator and the new up and coming one. Well done!

Thanks!! He was literally the underdog (lol), but he held his own!! He is a go-getter for sure. 🙂

He is such a cute innocent looking boy.

These are the pictures from their second playdate as well as a better quality video

Soooooo cute! I love all the pink on his nose! 😃

Dexter is a cutie for sure…such a sweet face...he will grow into those ears!:D

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