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Hi guys-

Just wanted to know if anyone has seen this before. Piggy pads near her dew claws are looking awfully white and cracked, but the cracked pieces are almost coming out in sprout-like formations. I just noticed it and am going to make a vet appt, but has anyone seen this?? They are not bothering her at all she hasn't even been licking or biting them and seems healthy otherwise. Think its a fungus?


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For those of you who use or want to use clicker training. You can make a clicker from the cap of a snapple bottle. Just make a dent in the rim of the cap with your teeth. The safty button should make a loud clicker sound. In college I trained a rat to come to the clicker. Very cool.

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Does anyone need a home for your basenji(s)? Rusty would love a playmate fi anyone would like me to care for them.

Call me!

(949) 633-9878

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