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Hey, we are going up to Detroit for the weekend of 8/7 and I was wondering if anyone on the forum is around and knows of a dog sitter. We have one that we normally use but she is already booked. We would also be interested to help anyone else in the area by watching their pup or pups!

Thanks, Elizabeth, Brad, Willow & Barkley

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One of our basenji's (Willow) has a very sensitive stomach. At least once a year she will go through a spell of vomiting, diarrhea and no eating or drinking. The vet said they can pick up viruses here and there so hopefully it is something like that and will work itself out. Willow usually gets better within a week or so but she has gotten dehydrated before and needed fluids. Like the emergency vet, they give her an antibiotic and nausea medicine. Good Luck!

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Thanks for all the insight! I am going to try this diet and get back to everyone. Right now, we have them on Fish Oil pills and Denysol (sp??) The good thing is, the pups are acting just fine! 🙂 It is just those darn liver values!

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Willow and Barkley both got into two packs of gum about two months ago. It was in my work bag and on the couch. Brad and I went to work out and were gone 45 mins. When we got home two packs, paper and all gone! We rushed them to the emergency vet where they induced vomiting and put them on fluids. They had to stay overnight and be monitored the whole next day. But got to go home the next day. Their liver values were high and we have had them checked twice since the run in. They were checked again on Friday and though their liver values are down, (200 vs. 500) they are still high than normal. We are going on $1700 now and we just don?t know what to do. They act completely normal but since this is such a new problem our vet really doesn?t know what to tell us. We have to go back in 2-4 weeks and if they are still elevated they want to do more blood work and even ultrasounds. I would love to hear and learn more about the effects. I have read and read on the internet but nothing about liver values being high for longer than a few days. Thanks for any information!

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Here are a few pictures of my babies… Willow (tri-colored) & Barkely. It took a little time for Willow to adjust from being the only child but they are best buds now! 🙂

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Hey, I am a new member and wanted to say hello. My name is Elizabeth and I have two Basenji mixes. Our first is Willow (tri-colored) she will be three at the end of the month and we got her back in NC. We got her from a shelter, where they said she was a German Sheppard, Rat Terrier mix. After taking her to my family vet, she told us she was a basenji mix and we started doing research. YUP, she sure is! Once we moved to Colorado two years ago, we wanted to get her a playmate and that is how we came upon Barkley. We started getting involved with the Colorado Basenji Rescue and saw Barkley on their website. He had a broken leg but we just had to have him so we rescued him in Feb of this year. They say he is 1.5 - 2 years old. We have become very fond of the breed and look forward to being about of this group!

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