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And, I'm not a bully,everyone is free to do what they want,just don't claim it doesn't work when there are some that have had it work.<<<

When you make personal attacks, it is bullying.

I don't claim... I give research about it. My opinion is that solid research is believable. It's quite okay if you don't. My grandmother was a midwife, did lots of natural herbs etc for healing. Much of that early natural medicines are the foundations for today's meds. I'm not disrespecting that.

For me, I see Bach's RR as a huge money maker that has failed to ever be scientifically supported. People rant about "Big Pharm"... but can't see that "Big Natural" is also mostly money-hungry driven.

I don't question your love of your dogs... I just wish you could understand that the same love that drives you to "natural" drives me to "science." We don't have to agree. And for what it's worth, I appreciate your post on your views and experiences.

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Thank you for your response and encouragement to keep trying different things for calming Seeka. This is week 2 with the Rescue Remedy. I’ve tried a few of the “calming” treats, however she will not touch them even if wrapped in cheese.

Try putting them in with something she DOES like in a ziplock bag for a few days so they absorb the scent. She may not be fooled, but sometimes it's enough to get them interested.

@debradownsouth You’re still festering and posting to me on this thread? This thread was over, but you don’t seem to be able to let it go. I will call out a bully anytime I see one. For that is how we rid the world of them. Now I understand why most members of this group ignore you when you’re badgering other members. People like you are to be ignored.

My goodness, you're trying to explain an awful lot of your behaviors - I see that you are deleting and editing your posts like mad. You removed where you said you were going to report me to admin. You held no threat over me with that. This forum is your life, not mine. Continue with this and I WILL report you to the owners of this forum.

You’re complaining about going off topic? The first time I came to the defense of another member you accused the woman, who asked for help with a difficult dog, of child abuse and told her to euthanize her dog. Another poor victim of yours posted asking about riding a bike with his dog, he wound up having to defend the whole State of Israel due to your offensive behavior. You’re well-known on this forum for your going off topic to start a “Hot Topic.” Those are just two of many examples I could give and I haven’t gone through the entire forum. I usually see your problem posts listed right on the homepage.

If I do post on this forum in the future DO NOT respond to any of my posts. I’m not interested in anything you have to share. Nor do I want to be deluged with useless links that only support your closed minded views. If you could think for yourself you wouldn’t have to keep posting links.

I see you’re busy trying to mend broken relationships you made on this thread, it’s a hopeful sign. Sad that you’re not getting any responses though.

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This post is deleted!
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Roflmao. The desperate level you have reached is sad. I have done and said nothing any "authority" would care about. Your rabid posts however might interest mental health people. Copy all this, go see one of them. Hopefully they won't laugh in your face about your attacks and continued nonsense of telling ME not to respond when you initiate and continue. I am actually feeling very sorry for you. You are really pathetic.
So I'll be the adult and stop. Dealing with you with your crazed obsession is just sad.

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@debradownsouth I deleted my older posts to remove personal info, I deleted my more recent responses to let you save face.

I'm not responding anymore, what more is there to say anyway. All your reposting is proving who is obsessed.

You deleted your posts first, not AFTER I asked what you were hiding.

I apologize to the rest of the members. Responding to this person is only escalating. She can't stop. Even if people have issues with my posting style, that's evidently beyond me. No matter how hard I try to get across that I give research, not my own "know it all" knowledge.. no matter how many times I say my opinions on science have the same rights-- not more -- to be shared, some still react. But to respond to this type of personal attacks and clutter the board when obviously all it does is make her more obsessed... well that's on me. Sorry for the disruptions.

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@debradownsouth FYI, I have gotten help. I contacted the proper authorities about your behavior the first time I came to the defense of another member over a month ago. They are keeping your username, your picture and where you reside on file. I have screen captured posts as well. I have asked you to cease responding to me. You are being advised to desist corresponding with me from here on. You have been put on notice.

Now, go pester someone else. Research about Cluster B disorders.

Since I have said nothing for any authority to care about, your post is pathetic. But thank you... it made me realize just how sick and obsessed you are. Just like before when you did this, then said done, then deleted your posts and started again...I now realize you really are not well. I wish you some peace. You obviously are a very disturbed person. I really feel sorry for you. I'm sure you can't stop, but I can. For the forum... and because seeing you escalate to this ridiculous level is just sad. The only notice I am put on is that anyone who initiates personal ranting attacks, and then has the delusions that their continued posts and attacks don't make clear the identity of the abusive obsessed person, is someone to be pitied. Since you have copied my posts, I feel free to delete them without you accusing me of hiding them.

@debradownsouth I deleted some of my responses because people like you are to be ignored. I thought it might also stop you from reading them over and responding to more. So, no matter how many more responses you post from here on, I will NOT be responding to you again, that way you can get that last word you need. I see right on the homepage another members frustration for you to stop responding on a different thread. Let’s see how long it takes for you to bully someone else again...sad.

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