New Member - Meet Lilly a 18 month old Basenji Mix Rescue

  • Hi Guys

    I am so pleased I have come across this forum.

    My husband and I rescued Lily from the Houston SPCA back in September and now we couldn't imagine our lives without her. Shes a little escape artist and will run through anything open or squeeze through railings we have to be one step ahead of her all the time. She was terrified of everything when we first got her , it took a few days for her to curl her beautiful tail where is was supposed to be , thankfully only when I have the vacuum on does she drop her tail and run into the bedroom and that's only for a second so her confidence has improved dramatically. She had dry skin on her ears but a visit to the vet and a good oatmeal shampoo sorted that out , she was very underweight however is filling out beautifully now.

    She is a huge part of our lives and now she has settled in we are hoping to get her to some obedience training as she has no discipline at all !!!

  • Doesn't look much like a basenji to me.
    Looks like lab/shep.
    Very few true basenji mixes out there.

  • Very cute and welcome… but don't really see Basenji... but all are welcome here....

  • Welcome !!!! She is beautiful…..

  • @Rocky1:

    Doesn't look much like a basenji to me.
    Looks like lab/shep.
    Very few true basenji mixes out there.

    I dont' see basenji either, but there are sadly many basenji mixes. Idiot in Florida bred basenjis with I think corgies? to make was we lovely call "low riders"… basenji bodies, short legs. Occasionally a puppymiller will breed with other dogs trying to get 2 cycle a year breeding, etc.

  • In reality… Basenjis have (or 80%) a season 4 to 6 months after whelping a litter..... of that 80% at least 1/2 are fertile and are bred....

  • I think I see some of the basenji ears, especially in the second picture. I just want to grab them and rub them good! 🙂 It's most likely that there is at least a black lab there too. Also it may be not the first "mix". If it is a generation over there may be more then one mix in there. But either way, Lilly is adorable! :):) It's awesome that she has a good forever home now.

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