• Adopted Rosie four weeks ago. She is a delight, quite the unusual dog in many ways. She bonded to me quickly and had several episodes of being with my husband in the house but howling because I was gone. Now that she is more integrated in the family, she seems to be getting the hang of us coming and going. She rarely barks, only wants to go potty in the long weeds. The latter I started working on yesterday as we want to travel with her and we go places where private/weedy plots won't be available. Today we had a really positive step as she went potty on the grass in only 15 minutes of waiting. She was presented as a 10 months old so we are figuring she is about 1year old. For a terrier type, she is low energy, calm, fairly tractable, and just a joy to be with. As an adopted dog, with no know background, it's obviously to me that she was gently treated in her first year. While it doesn't appear that she was taught verbal commands, she has a mouth like silk, gentle to the extreme. She is quickly picking up hand and verbal commands. She is just an incredibly happy and loving dog. Our previous dog was a wonderful Cardigan Welsh Corgi named Duncan. He lived for 15.5 years, the last two+ with diabetes insipidus, arthritis, thyroid, cataracts, and progressive hearing loss. We've waited 4 years to get a replacement dog as Duncan was a voting member of the family and we needed space to do some things that you couldn't do with a sick dog. When we took Rosie to our old vet for her first checkup, our vet said that Rosie was worth waiting for. High praise from our vet 0_1559686156042_Rosie ID photo.jpeg 0_1559686245171_Rosie glamour shot #6 05282019.jpeg 0_1559687231140_Rosie #3.jpeg

  • What a cute dog. If you really want to know, you could try a dna test for main breeds in her. She sounds like a wonderful new family member.

  • @debradownsouth I do plan on doing a DNA test after a bit. Short term plans are to continue working with commands and getting a private lesson this month. The next group lessons I can attend don't start until September and I want to work with Rosie over the summer. The trainer I plan on taking her to is also an examiner for Canine Good Citizen Certificate and I'm thinking that would be a good goal for us to work towards. Thanks for your compliment! She's proving to be an incredibly good fit with my husband and myself (seniors) and is rapidly filling Duncan's paw prints with her own brand of canine wonderfulness.

  • Good fit is the best. Good luck to you and your beautiful girl.

  • Very odd, because if I look at everything but the head, I would swear she is a basenji. Yet when I look at her head, I would swear she is not!

  • @jerseygirl01
    What a cute little girl! She is very SWEET!

  • We also have a possible Basenji/Terrier (Yorkie) mix. I've had some doubts, but seeing this picture of Rosie, I can't help but see my Rebel. Such a great looking dog, and if she's anything like our girl, you're in for a treat!

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