• here is a short photo album of our girl Spijs.

    Her favorite past times are: laying in the sun, playing bite the thing under the blankey, chasing anything alive, killing anythign she can catch, wrestling, wild tug, shopping, going bye bye, hiking, swimming (yes she loves water) climbing trees, slowing kids who sled to fast, giving humans intentse looks becasue they dont understand my range of whistles and noises, listening to whale sounds when im scared.

    SHe is a VERY good girl. we have had to do MINIMAL training becasue she seems to inherently understand the rules. Though she is very stubborn and has selective deafness at times.She stays in the yard (usually) she only come son the bed when invited, and she usualy wont touch food or items left out and around without invitation. SHe loves to go on trips. her latest trip was 1 mile under the earth in a coal mine… she loved the train ride despite the loud moises, and quikly passing lights of the mine. Shes very good in the hotels so we take her everywhere dogs are welcome!

    when she is bad we walkher to the dog cage in the basment and she hangs her head and tail and mopes in and stays .... thankfully we only have to use the cage a few tiems a year (usualy after chasing a jogger)

    Her bite strength is amazing! she destroyed all the "dog proff" toys and chews. So we buy her cow leg bones and a few plush toys....
    she is usulyl very gentle with plush toys for the first few weesk but within a few months they are shot!.. She loves to pull the stuffing out of them and sting it all over the floor. ROtten snot!... thankfully she doesnt get onto the tables or climb in the windows. She stays off the counters too!

  • nice pics!

    I think he also looks like an australian Kelpie… he is very cute...

  • @Buana:

    nice pics!

    I think he also looks like an australian Kelpie… he is very cute...

    I thought that too! Except it looks like Spice's tail is more curled than a typical Kelpie…but wow, the rest is a dead ringer for that breed.

  • Yes, Kelpie is my guess as well.

  • Yeah, i'm not the only one i dues.. I like kelpies!

  • What a cute girl!! She sounds like a sweet heart.

  • She is such a cutie!

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